"Resistance is futile. You will become addicted."

- CoffeeWars 1 Slogan
  Results from the First Annual Coffee Wars. Staff entrants were excluded from the 'official' results in the interest of fairness.

Entrant                 Coffee Name             Total Score
----------------------  ----------------------  -----------
Steve & Steve           Ethiopian               199
Steve & Steve           Kona                    166
Burnt                   Rocket Fuel             146
Doris                   Sumatra & French        121
Jacob                   Kenya AA                 87
Jim W.                  Kenya                    77
Steve & Steve           Tex-Mexidrine            55
Steve & Steve           Tanzanian                43
Dr. Vann Harl           Kenya #666               24
Lynn & Scott            Hazelnut                 11

Staff Entrant           Coffee Name             Total Score
----------------------  ----------------------  -----------
Jay Dyson               Jamaican Blue Mtn.      270
GriffJon                Tanzania Peaberry       231
Shrdlu                  Gelson's Kona & Kauai   137
Shrdlu                  Peet's Sumatra Blend     29

Photos of the event can be viewed here. Compliments to GriffJon for the pictures.

If you want to know what the heck these scores mean, they are loosely based upon our ranking criteria, which is described on the Rules page.