Prime Addicts:

  • Rob Nielsen
  • Jay Dyson
  • GriffJon
  • Etaoin Shrdlu
(also known as 'Staff')
  What Is This?

   The Defcon Coffee Wars II shall be held Friday the 13th, 10am at the Alexis Park in Las Vegas, NV! Anyone and everyone is welcome to bring their best coffees and pit them against others, in a no-holds-barred taste test.

How Do We Rank the Coffee?

   Simply put, we, the staff, take your coffee, brew it according to Coffee Wars Regulations, and then the judging crew (aka coffee nazis) / entrants judge your concoction. We rank each entry in the following categories.

  • Bean Aroma
  • Brew Aroma
  • Brew Strength (there is such a thing as too strong, folks)
  • Brew Taste
  • Bang for your Buck
  • Brew Acidity
  • Overall

    Additional notes, pertaining to ranking coffee. Anything even looking like decaf gets an automatic -100. Anything bought at the grocery store that comes in a metal can gets an automatic -50. If it is store bought decaf, we sacrifice you to the Coffee Gods.

    Anything Not Allowed?

       As should be blatantly obvious, anything decaf. Furthermore, it has been decided that flavored coffee (hazelnut and the like) shall be forever banned from the competition, and those who bring it shall be sacrificed along with the decaf bringing folk.

    In the interest of fairness to all competitors, the Coffee Wars staff has decided that French Presses and the like shall not be allowed at this years competition. You may, of course, bring those wonderous devices for sharing your fine coffee as a simple token of good taste. It simply will not be judged.

    All coffees shall be ground and brewed according to staff regulations. Do note, that if you ask nicely, we WILL adjust the amount of beans in your own brew. Obviously, some coffees do require more/less beans in the grind, and we will respect that.

    One final thing. We will be limiting the number of entries to THREE per person this year. Judging from last year's number, we simply do not have the time to handle a large amount of entries from a single person. If you bring multiple entries, you will be asked to rank your coffees in order of which ones you would like us to make first. This guarantees that if we run low on time, your top entries will definatly be judged.

    Can I Help?

       Right now, we seem to be fairly well covered as far as things go. Obviously, anyone bringing a coffee for judging will be helping greatly. As far as helping with the event goes, we seem to be alright. However, if you think you can offer some help that would be, well, unique, feel free to email me [Removed Rob's email address].

    What Does the Winner Receive?

        A prize, and bragging rights. Prizes are donated by the participants/staff, so if you have anything cool to throw at us, please do so. Also there is a 'special' gift for the last place winner. Heh. Heh. Heh.